3D Virtual Tours

WolfDen Photography is excited be part of a collaboration with Tom Vogel of Vogel Creative. With this partnership, we are able to offer 3D Virtual Tours to our premium services.

Innovation is only as good as the need it meets. These challenging times put that theory to the test. We are all discovering what is profoundly important in our private and professional lives; we need genuine connection.

Our focus on every digital tool and visual service we develop is inspired by that simple desire. For us, ‘connection’ takes the shape of interactive 3D Virtual Tours that can be effortlessly enjoyed by anyone on any device. It looks like photographic and video projects that reveal an engaging story in every frame. Imagine connecting with your customers, distributors, sales team, and supporters in new and engaging way.  And just when you think there’s a limit to how effectively we can engage with one another out there in the digital dark … we offer VOGELguide … a unique connection tool that places our Virtual Tours at the forefront of Real-Time Interaction with your market here and around the globe.

Our approach is to create products and deliver services that will captivate the attention of your market. I have seen the impact that iSpace Tours have had on other industries as they have evolved for close to 20 years. We are confident that your organization could benefit greatly from the connection between us.

We invite you to take a quick break from your busy day to tap on the link below and to experience iSpace Tours for yourself. The best way to see this demo, and imagine the impact of this technology is for us to “Live Demo” with you … but until then, sit back and envision:


iSpace Tour Demo