Starting with my father’s Rolleicord, I have always had a camera close at hand. Although my career focused on supporting marginalized individuals within my community and working for not-for-profits, I embraced photography as a creative way to recharge and balance my life and passions. The digital age has allowed me to push the envelope, and to play in a way that is creative and exciting.

Now, some 25 years later, my passion for capturing an image that communicates and my technological skills have provided the opportunity to pursue photography as a professional freelancer. My focus continues to be product detail, nature, and lifestyle photography, with a drive to capture the elusive image and tell the story that begs to be told.

Photography has taught me to be patient and adjust my perspective. Nature’s expansive views call to me, and I am relentless at finding unexpected details in the mundane. Landscape photography is particularly about being in the moment, and looking beyond what is in front of me, to where the unexpected is often found.