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3D Virtual Tours

  • November 19, 2020

Over the last number of months, I have been focused on working with Tom Vogel in the creation of Virtual Tours for the real estate industry. It has been exciting work, and the end results have been stunning … if I do say so myself! Tom has been doing this work since the early days of panoramic photography so his wealth of knowledge and creativity has kept me inspired and moving forward.

We are using a 3D rendering software called 3D Vista, and have been amazed at the flexibility and creativity that can come out the process. During this time, we have also been talking about how this software, 3d imagery, and some real time features can help people to connect in an unexpected way. Based on this, Tom has decided to expand our iSpace Tours into other industries. This is exciting to me, as it will allow for a different level of creativity, and new photographic experiences what will only prove to enhance my skill and knowledge in the 3D arena. Learning is a good thing!

There is a feature that is part of 3D Vista, called “Live Guided Tour” which we think is groundbreaking. It allows you to invite people to come along inside your tour in real time. So if you were a factory owner, and wanted to demonstrate the new product line, you would be able invite anyone to come and look at, and interact with the whole tour. It’s like Zoom meets 3D Reality! It is amazing! Talk about finding ways to allow people to connect during this somewhat isolating time.

So if you have never been inside a 3D world, take this small demo for a test drive. It shows the ability to embed video within a house tour, a fresh look at France, a balloon ride in Kitchener-Waterloo, a cast of actors doing there stuff, and a look at a new car in it’s showroom. It’s just a fun place to play, and dream about what else can be done with this technology.

The 3D world can be so much fun … and innovative.

Photo Credit: Tom Vogel from Vogel Creative

Building a Studio

  • March 24, 2020

It’s amazing on how long things take in my world sometimes! We have a room that was previously utilized by our college bound son. It was crying out to be re-purposed! Months later, maybe a year … post basement apartment flood, and clearing out all the furniture and items that somehow we were able to send away … we have the beginnings of a photography studio.

With the help of Tom Vogel, I able to set up a number of background stations, including a large one that will cover most of the wall area. I also have a product light box, and an area for more detailed lighting configurations for product and branding photography. We have also purchased some 360 turntables, for products and people as well. All set to do some 360 images for you.

On delayed order is a set of Godox QS400 studio flashes (waiting in the distribution center due to Covid-19), plus some strip boxes and diffusers. I actually got a little DIY (and for those who know me … that is sort of entertaining) and created my own scrim from Savage Translum material. I am slowing building and obtaining the different equipment that I need to have a fully functioning studio to meet your product and branding needs.

I guess this will allow me to do some social distancing … come look for me if I don’t emerge in a few days!

I will keep you posted on the equipment … and maybe even do some reviews. More importantly, I will be posting images of some of our client’s work (with permission) so you can see what we can do for you.

Stay healthy and safe during this difficult time.

Walking a New Path

  • September 11, 2019

I have this camera displayed on my bookshelf reminding me how I entered the world of photography. This was my father’s camera … complicated, and hard to use. It produced some amazing results. I still have some of the slides that he created from this camera. Somehow as a child I could not see the connection between the camera and my father. It just did not seem to fit … but it did start a journey for me.

Fast forward to today, and here is an older son, taking a passion and hobby of some 30 years to a different level in his life. Career wise, I have spent the last 25 years working in the social services. It’s been an amazing endeavour, particularly with the many people that I have met and supported during this time. All thought those times, there was a passion and ember burning for me.

I decided recently to take this passion and see what I could make if it. I have started my own freelance business out of WolfDen Photography. Now, red flags begin to fly for people! I have heard so many times that you should not take your hobby and make it a business … and I understand the pitfalls. At the same time, this is a passion that is hard to ignore.

I am in the beginning stages of building a structure for a business … trying to find balance in my life around hobby and something that will earn some income. It’s a unique balance … with so many aspects for me to get my head around. I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I am trying to stay open to the many ways this could all work … part time employment, other areas that will help support this whole fantastic journey. Anything to help make this work.

Join me in this transition … let me know your thoughts. Oh … and now I see the connection between the camera and my father.

What’s in a Name?

  • August 30, 2019

I was asked about the name of my business, WolfDen Photography. Normally you name a photography business with your personal name in the title. It all makes sense. More importantly you will discover that the idea of normal is not my inclination.

I realized a connection to the wolf early in my childhood, through television shows like “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom“. There was something about the way wolves remained connected in their family packs. Their loyalty, ability to follow their instincts and that howl late at night. I mean if that does not move you, nothing will.

As a photographer, the wolf has been a symbol of the elusive photo for me. I have taken pictures of them in wolf sanctuaries, zoos and other confined locations. Just not in the wild. That is one of my photographic goals … to capture that image of the wolf in the place where it belongs.

As a conservationist, I have followed and supported projects like Exposed ( They do amazing work to demonstrate the need for care and protection of wildlife within the our borders and beyond. Check out John E. Marriott’s story.

The ideas that drive me forward as a person and photographer, are captured in this amazing creature, the wolf. Therefore my business name needed to follow suit.