Classic Car Package

Do you own a vehicle that needs to be immortalized above the mantle at home? Is it a Classic Car, or just classic to you? We would like to help showcase your vehicle in the way it deserves.

Let’s find a great location; maybe a sunrise or sunset, in front of the house, or on a remote road leading to nowhere … maybe even an old garage that makes the vintage look just shine. Where ever the location is, we will make it look like it always belonged there!

I will bring the lights, colored reflectors, and other items to make that car shine like it did the first day you set your eyes on it.

You will receive 8 elevated images of your car, with a focus on the overall vehicle, and it’s unique details and identifying parts that make it stand out.

Our Classic Car Package is $250. Travel may be addition, depending on your location. We can work something out that will leave you speechless!

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