Social Media Package

Overheard in the office today; “What do you mean you are not photographers! Is that not what I asked for?”

“No, we are not photographers … we are Storytellers! We use photography as one of the methods that we help communicate your amazing story.”

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.”

Robert McKee, professor


Research indicates that 40% of business have an online presence and 24% of business engage their consumers on social media. Social media advertisement rose over 71% last year, showing that social media’s influence on the active market continues to rise.

A common concern from Social Media Managers and Marketing Directors is that their social media images are not reflective of their organization or branding or their story. Sometimes stock images do not tell the story as it could be told.

Are you tired of scouring stock images to complete your social media strategy?

Once you find some, do you wonder if the images have elevated your organization and message that you are attempting to communicate. Can the story be seen? If not … we have a solution that will work for you!

Utilizing your social media strategy, let us produce images that are reflective and connected to your organization.

Let us capture your organization, your buildings, your employees and your activities in a way that will allow you to post your message clearly and in a way that tells your unique story.

We offer three packages for Social Media.

10 static images connected to your social media strategy of your organization. Usually created within two hours on site, with post production and image delivery within three days. ($250)

30 static and dynamic images to your social media strategy of your organization. Employee, events and related activities will be utilized. Delivery of images will occur within one week. ($500)

60 static and dynamic images, created through creative story telling sessions at your organization. Process is expected to take at least on day on site utilizing an event, or staged session. Images will be a combination of static and dynamic based on your social media strategy. ($800)

Prices may change without notice. Please contact to confirm current rates. Discount codes and specials will be posted as they occur. Travel and meal allowance are charged as needed.

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