What’s in a Name?

  • August 30, 2019

I was asked about the name of my business, WolfDen Photography. Normally you name a photography business with your personal name in the title. It all makes sense. More importantly you will discover that the idea of normal is not my inclination.

I realized a connection to the wolf early in my childhood, through television shows like “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom“. There was something about the way wolves remained connected in their family packs. Their loyalty, ability to follow their instincts and that howl late at night. I mean if that does not move you, nothing will.

As a photographer, the wolf has been a symbol of the elusive photo for me. I have taken pictures of them in wolf sanctuaries, zoos and other confined locations. Just not in the wild. That is one of my photographic goals … to capture that image of the wolf in the place where it belongs.

As a conservationist, I have followed and supported projects like Exposed ( They do amazing work to demonstrate the need for care and protection of wildlife within the our borders and beyond. Check out John E. Marriott’s story.

The ideas that drive me forward as a person and photographer, are captured in this amazing creature, the wolf. Therefore my business name needed to follow suit.