iSpace Tours

3D Virtual Tours

  • November 19, 2020

Over the last number of months, I have been focused on working with Tom Vogel in the creation of Virtual Tours for the real estate industry. It has been exciting work, and the end results have been stunning … if I do say so myself! Tom has been doing this work since the early days of panoramic photography so his wealth of knowledge and creativity has kept me inspired and moving forward.

We are using a 3D rendering software called 3D Vista, and have been amazed at the flexibility and creativity that can come out the process. During this time, we have also been talking about how this software, 3d imagery, and some real time features can help people to connect in an unexpected way. Based on this, Tom has decided to expand our iSpace Tours into other industries. This is exciting to me, as it will allow for a different level of creativity, and new photographic experiences what will only prove to enhance my skill and knowledge in the 3D arena. Learning is a good thing!

There is a feature that is part of 3D Vista, called “Live Guided Tour” which we think is groundbreaking. It allows you to invite people to come along inside your tour in real time. So if you were a factory owner, and wanted to demonstrate the new product line, you would be able invite anyone to come and look at, and interact with the whole tour. It’s like Zoom meets 3D Reality! It is amazing! Talk about finding ways to allow people to connect during this somewhat isolating time.

So if you have never been inside a 3D world, take this small demo for a test drive. It shows the ability to embed video within a house tour, a fresh look at France, a balloon ride in Kitchener-Waterloo, a cast of actors doing there stuff, and a look at a new car in it’s showroom. It’s just a fun place to play, and dream about what else can be done with this technology.

The 3D world can be so much fun … and innovative.

Photo Credit: Tom Vogel from Vogel Creative