Product Photography

Building a Studio

  • March 24, 2020

It’s amazing on how long things take in my world sometimes! We have a room that was previously utilized by our college bound son. It was crying out to be re-purposed! Months later, maybe a year … post basement apartment flood, and clearing out all the furniture and items that somehow we were able to send away … we have the beginnings of a photography studio.

With the help of Tom Vogel, I able to set up a number of background stations, including a large one that will cover most of the wall area. I also have a product light box, and an area for more detailed lighting configurations for product and branding photography. We have also purchased some 360 turntables, for products and people as well. All set to do some 360 images for you.

On delayed order is a set of Godox QS400 studio flashes (waiting in the distribution center due to Covid-19), plus some strip boxes and diffusers. I actually got a little DIY (and for those who know me … that is sort of entertaining) and created my own scrim from Savage Translum material. I am slowing building and obtaining the different equipment that I need to have a fully functioning studio to meet your product and branding needs.

I guess this will allow me to do some social distancing … come look for me if I don’t emerge in a few days!

I will keep you posted on the equipment … and maybe even do some reviews. More importantly, I will be posting images of some of our client’s work (with permission) so you can see what we can do for you.

Stay healthy and safe during this difficult time.

Fresh Start Creations

  • September 4, 2019

Fresh Start Creations

I had the pleasure of doing a recent photo shoot for Fresh Start Creations. If you have not heard of them, then you really need to check them out! The photo shoot was of greeting cards that are made by incarcerated women, who then donate all the proceeds of the cards to local agencies that support women and children.

What a honor to be a small part of supporting this project, and the women.

Thanks for letting me hang around for the day!